Leader Cable Line Voltage 1.5mm² - LS6402C

For Connection Type 73 or 77 in CE installations.



Product Configurator

Customise Leader Cable Line Voltage 1.5mm² below

Control Type

Select the corresponding cable type according to the integrated controls of the chosen luminaire.


Non-Dimmable (ND)

4-core cable

PowerSync (PS)

4-core cable

Dali (DL)

5-core cable

Cable Length

1.5mm² cable supplied with an IP68 connector to pair with the first luminaire in a circuit.


3 m / 10 ft (010)

3 m (10 ft) leader cable

10 m / 33 ft (032)

10 m (33 ft) leader cable

15 m / 50 ft (050)

15 m (50 ft) leader cable