Romasco is the world's leading high-end lighting brand for outdoor architecture, landscape and underwater lighting.

Our background

Romasco was established in Australia in 1991 and has many branches and offices around the world. The export network covers more than 40 countries, and the United States alone has 50 professional representatives.

Each of our agents and distributors on a global scale is strictly screened, not only has an in-depth understanding of the business culture of the local market, but also has the ability to serve the unique needs of every customer in the region.


Our promise

Based on continuous investment in R&D, world-class production level and advanced equipment and product testing technology, we are creating a world connected through smart lighting technology.

Lighting is an industry that continues to change. We are passionate and innovative. Romasco will continue to provide our customers with industry-leading products and technologies as the company's commitment to the future.


Our design philosophy

Our product design is based on the following four basic principles: meet the real needs of customers; reliable performance; durable products and the use of recognized advanced technology.

All new designs must be fully tested before being released, and they need to be certified by a qualified laboratory.

A solid commitment to design and testing is the most outstanding quality assurance that Roma Cisco can give to our customers.