The Best-in-Class Erden E4 is Now Available with a New Taller Burial Option

Lumascape's in-ground offering continues to expand, and the Erden E4 is now available to order with a Tall Tube burial option.

This convenient option raises in-ground luminaires above overgrown foliage and high water tables. The Tall Tube option is configured and delivered as one complete unit. It is available in North America only. Above-ground lighting with the Tall Tube offers protection from:

  • Foliage overgrowth
  • Mulch and debris
  • Flooding
  • Misalignment and tampering of standard above-ground luminaires

The Erden E4 is a 1,750 lm in-ground luminaire that combines technology and performance in a modern form factor. Other features of the Erden E4 include:

  • Static white, RGBA/RGBW, tunable white color options
  • 316 stainless steel trim
  • PowerSync® technology
  • Exceptional optical purity for optimal color vibrancy

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